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outside of where he's born,
is where he's meant to go."


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Thursday, December 11, 2014


"Drawn from today’s news, the play brings up serious issues as to the realities and consequences, of war and makes Joshua Crone a playwright to watch. The acting is excellent, especially on the part of Schwalenstocker whose Jeremy is a perplexing mix of innocent youth, war weary apathy, and resignation to his serious predicament."
-Marilyn Tower Oliver, Los Feliz Ledger (full review)

"A power packed play that is more disturbing that one would imagine. It’s a saga of ‘war is hell’ where it’s more hell than war. The action is tight, compact, and never lets down from its first moments to its conclusion. This stage production, as tight as it can get, is highly recommended!"
-Rich Borowy, Accessibly Live (full review)

"Dark, creepy, yet insanely interesting...a great play to see the display of the acting talents of those involved."
-Tony Capobianco, AXS (full review)

"At times riveting, thought provoking, and humorous for a play that deals with the abhorrent nature of the torture of men.... Crone is an excellent writer and manages to capture the essence of a working Marine.... Run! And take a Marine, or another a military veteran, and talk about it on the long way home."
-Joe Straw, (full review)

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