"Where a man feels at home,
outside of where he's born,
is where he's meant to go."

Phot. Saravut Frank Sopapunta


A LIFE IN PLACES — There was being born in Oklahoma in '75. Growing up upstate New York, the Pennsylvania hills, the Florida coast. Then Marine Corps boot camp on Parris Island, orders to Guantanamo Bay, Okinawa, California. The last year of service split between Camp Pendleton and Saddleback College, split again between English and theatre majors, throwing over both and backpacking through Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Palestine. Teaching English in Lublin, Poland. Waiting tables and doing fringe theatre in London. Seine-haul fishing in southeast Alaska. NYC pre- and post-9/11, with a gig as a database designer for a healthcare union. Studying philosophy, running a theatre company in Krakow. Teaching and translating in Warsaw. Writing and directing in Berlin and London and at the Lodz Film School in Poland. Crewing on student films at the American Film Institute and doing theater in Hollywood...



  • Shadowboxing (staged reading at San Clemente High School 1996)
  • Studied acting at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo (1997)
  • Rules of Ownership (dir. J. Crone, Theater K, London, 2000)







  • Production Assistant, Real Love, AFI thesis production, prod. Selina Ringel, dir. Dan Levy Dagerman (2014)
  • Art Dept. PA, Tarrasch Rule, AFI cycle film, prod. Sara Nassim, dir. Jared Anderson (2014)
  • Set Dresser, Snap, AFI cycle film, prod. Daniela Ruiz, dir. Liv Prior Colliander (2014)
  • Grip & Electric, All in the Family, AFI cycle film, prod. Anne Sawyier, dir. Sean McWilliams (2014)
  • 2nd Assistant Director, Reckoning, AFI cycle film, prod. Yirmeyah Beckles, dir. Anders Helde (2014)
  • 2nd Assistant Camera, Armistice, AFI cycle film, prod. Sophie Fried, dir. Nathaniel Katzman, DP Ian Holliday (2014)





  • Domesle, Andrea. Failed Hope: New Romanticism in Contemporary German Photography (for Krakow’s Photomonth festival). PL-EN.
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  • Zalewski, Bogdan. The Hand Is a Wanderer (for the Conrad Festival). PL-EN.

...and more

  • 2008 - present: newsletter of the Polish Theatre Institute. PL-EN.
  • 2010 - present: abstracts, profiles, articles and more for the website of the Excellence Cluster Topoi. DE-EN.
  • Articles and summaries for the website of the Corpus Medicorum Graecorum (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities). DE-EN.
  • Reports and studies for Polish government agencies, e.g. on the environmental impact of the Via Baltica expressway, on Poland’s entry into the Eurozone, on the state of Polish competition law, on the condition of Warsaw’s sewerage infrastructure, etc. PL-EN.
  • Translation/proofreading of the Excellence Cluster Topoi’s successful five-year grant renewal proposal. DE-EN.


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