Joshua Crone


The Right Words in the Right Order

A good translation is like good writing: hard to define, but easy to recognize. It conveys ideas faithfully without clinging to the source. It lacks unnecessary words, clunky syntax, excessive nominalization, overuse of the passive voice—common mistakes when translating from German and Polish. It takes skill and experience.

A Human Voice in a Machine Age

As a translator and proofreader of academic writing for over fifteen years, I have what it takes to express your complex ideas in clear and concise English. A C2 certificate from the Goethe Institute and a master’s in philosophy from the Jagiellonian University have prepared me to interpret even the most difficult texts. And two decades of playwriting have taught me to consider the audience and write for the human voice.


“Joshua Crone is an ideal translator: linguistic dexterity, punctuality,
educational background – all of the highest caliber.”

-Dr. Grzegorz Jankowicz
Tygodnik Powszechny

“Joshua did a brilliant job translating a series of often densely worded and highly technical texts for the website of the Corpus Medicorum Graecorum/Latinorum.  Our office is very satisfied with his work.”

-Dr. Roland Wittwer,
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy
of Sciences and Humanities

“We value Joshua’s feel for the language, his skill and his knowledge. His translations include Andrzej Strzelecki’s play The Map, and a stage adaptation of The Maids of Wilko. The Academy also consults him on language questions, such as the official English name of the school. His professionalism and high-quality work make him a translator and business partner worth recommending.”

-Beata Szczucinska
The National Academy of
Dramatic Art in Warsaw

“Joshua is an outstanding proofreader. He proofread the anthology James Joyce and After. Writer and Time, as well as my habilitation thesis Intertextual Dialogue with the Victorian Past in the Contemporary Novel. The work was carried out promptly, thoroughly and skillfully. He has both a knowledge of and an intuitive grasp of language, and he handles academic texts admirably.

-Dr. Bozena Kucala
Jagiellonian University

“Joshua proofread my entire dissertation on very short notice; I’m very pleased with the results. He works extremely professionally and – even when time is short – can be relied upon unconditionally. What’s more, he was always friendly and available; communication was excellent and working with him was fun. I’m very grateful for his outstanding work, and I recommend him without reservation.”

-Dr. Sebastian Odzuck,
Humboldt University of Berlin



Translation from German and Polish into American or British English. Clients include the Max Planck Institutes, the Excellence Cluster Topoi,  the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Jagiellonian University, the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw, and much more.


Proofreading of English academic writing for grammar, punctuation, style, and clarity. Changes are tracked so that clients can review and approve them individually. See above for a list of clients.


I’m Josh

A freelance translator and playwright
based in Philadelphia.

When I’m not translating, I’m writing and directing plays at Yellow Bicycle Theater, building and fixing things as a handyman, or riding a 1975 Raleigh along the Schuylkill River. Family history led me to Poland, and Brecht and Goethe inspired me to learn German.

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